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I really hope they release the add-on. I was EXTREMELY frustrated when I found out that it was impossible to get 1000 gamerpoints, and I told JoWood that I would not buy the add-on until the achievements were fixed. But now that some time has passed, I'm thinking I might actually get the add-on if it's ever released.

And maybe they will fix the recipe glitch. But I think it’s important to mention that they might not have to fix the recipe glitch for us to get the last two achievements. You see, the main reason no one could get the 'Master Chef' achievement was because there were several recipes missing from the main game entirely. That’s what prevented anyone from getting the achievement – some of the recipes were nowhere to be found in the entire game. Yes, there was also a glitch where when you tried to learn certain recipes the game would think you had already learned them, and yes, this glitch made it impossible to craft certain items because there was no way to get the recipe on your crafting list. But the game DID think you knew the recipe. So just including all recipes missing from the main game in the add-on MIGHT be enough to allow us to get the 'Master Chef' achievement, without them having to fix the underlying glitch (and if any of these new recipes are glitched as well, no problem - the game thinks we already know them!). Of course, if the achievement requires that all recipes appear on your crafting list, then they’d have to fix the underlying glitch for us to finally get the achievements.

So ideally the glitch will be fixed, but just including all recipes missing from the main game might be enough for us get the achievements.

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