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For the Swarm

i know this forum is dead, but i'm looking for some tips on the "for the swarm" achievement from the DLC (win swarm on hard difficulty on all maps).

the achievement guide is no help at all by simply referring to another achievement that does nothing but list the maps.

my friend and i can not even manage to beat a single map. the enemies are far too powerful. all of them use rocket launchers and sniper rifles that kill us in one or two hits. meanwhile the enemies absorb clips upon clips of bullets. they're virtually impossible to beat in a one-on-one situation, and just two of them can completely fuck up one of our heavy armors before the weak ass gun on it can kill them.

on maps with three control points, we capture one control point, then when we move to get a second one, the enemies begin hacking the first one we captured. on maps with four control points, they all spread out evenly and prevent us from getting any control points. if we split up and try to tackle different control points, the enemies easily overrun and overpower us.

in addition to all this nonsense, all the DCMs that appear are ones for the enemy to complete. we never get any. trying to stop them from completing the DCMs is damn near impossible because all of them group up together.

any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.
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