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I think you may want to add a BIG WARNING on the top.
For example:
1. Do this ON LEMON. (I know you did this, just not ye-catching enough I think.)
2. You will have to NET EXTRA 500(or so) WHITE GEMS besides regular playthrough on LEMON.
Well obviously, I didn't do that and ended up with 8 empty slots.
(When I heard Christopher said "This is as far as I go" on Act 5-2, I was like "WTF?")

The best places to farm white gems are obviously the two "3-face demons".
They spawn infinite Normal Demons.
In case some may find fighting three normal demons is risky(esp. for Demon and Legion), here is a trick.
Shoot off the leg of one demon, and shoot off both arms once it's on the floor.
It won't be a threat anymore and there will only be two demons running around.

I am trying this on Demon now.
I have net 999(Max) white gems on both "3-face".(That gives me 26 red gems.)
But now I am already on Act 4-1 yet still have 28 empty slots.
Meaning I will have to net 750 white gems until Act 5-2.
Anyone think I could do that?
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