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Originally Posted by Tufty View Post
I don't agree with most of what TTD says, but I have to agree there is a stunning lack of horror for a horror games. In the odd event something 'scary' does happen you're likely to miss it because you have to be looking a a specific spot in the room, and the game doesn't indicate where to look.
Well the others weren't scary at all..I think I was creeped out when I first got my Xbox and played the originals demo. But that was just due to me having a next-gen system finally and I was high lol.

I'm glad it's more action oriented since the only real 'scares' were just random objects moving out of nowhere and dark settings with flashes of Alma. I really don't think a game could scare me anymore (I'm 25). Alan Wake was pretty creepy but I was never too scared except when low on ammo.

We've all been desensitized to scare tactics now. I haven't even seen a horror film in the last 10 years that came close to classics like 'The Shining'. I'm just glad this game is actually fun compared to the crapola that the previous two were.
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