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i finished the game last night, its going back to the shop today, i might pick up IL2 sturmovik which does almost everything 100% better than this game IMO. with the exception of the dogfighting, which in IL2 can be a bit tame in campaign mode.

Its not worst game i have ever played, but there are some stupid things that are annoying, if you switch off your engine and dip the nose 90degrees to the floor, your plane will not increase in speed!! yet switch it on and it does. another one is, If you park the plane and drop a bomb underneath you, the whistling noise of a bomb can still be heard. Also the word "deathmatch" is spelled "deacthmatch" or something on the multiplayer server screens. nitpicking maybe but like I said a few annoying things tend to turn me off keeping a game, i was hoping this would tide my flight sim needs off until AC7 or the new IL2 one.

The biggest selling point for me was the promise of stealth / night missions. But the stealth sections are completely wasted opportunity, the enemy AI detects if you stray into his circle just for a second, surely this should have been a 180degree field of view, not a 360. pilots with their backs to you can somehow still see you, come on thats just silly, aircraft were not fitted with radars in WW2. then, if you do get rumbled by the AI on a stealth section, its an instant fail in 99% of cases, whats the point in that , surely it would have been more fun to make a dash for the border / objective or an opportunity for a dogfight. I think there is one stealth mission early on where if you are detected you get to fight your way out, most of the others IIRC are insta-fails.

the missions were mostly short, i would have been happier with a campaign of the same length, but 50% less missions and have each mission longer.

I realise its a budget game, but that doesn't mean its exempt from criticism for any reason.
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