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Originally Posted by theEVOL1 View Post
Yes, unfortunately is dead. The admins had pretty much abandoned it a while ago.
I posted this in another thread, but thought it might be useful in this stickied thread since is mentioned a lot. is still available at
I imagine the owner just let the DNS entry expire.

Also, I found these videos helpful:
Master Grid Pt 1

In the video, you can click the green annotation to get to Part 2. Then click the next annotation to see how to go from a Masters Grid to a Poobah.

Note: I did not make the videos. They were just ones I found which were most helpful to me.

Edit: Got the Poobah today. I only made the bottom 3 rows of the Masters Grid, then one more Star on the 4th row, on the left. I continued making stars there, moving them to safety down below. After a bomb, I would make a pearl and move it to the bottom left. (I waited until after a bomb since the pearl messes up some of your grid, giving you less control.)

I would then rebuild my 3/5th's grid and continue as above, making a pearl after a bomb. After the 5th pearl and moving it to the bottom left, I didn't bother rebuilding. Instead I made my 6th pearl in the bottom right area, moved it, and made the Poobah.

An extra piece of advice:
Get rid of colored star multiplier pieces. When combined with a bomb, every tile of that color will be wiped out, wreaking havoc on your grid. Only defuse a bomb with one as a last resort.

I still feel I got lucky. Most of my bombs were very easy to defuse.

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