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Originally Posted by Akatsuki Sw1tch View Post
[...] the fact that people don't die when you pop a round in their head LIKE THEY WOULD IN REAL LIFE!
This. So many times I've popped someone in the head, walked past where they were, thinking they were dead then suddenly get shot in the back. Annoying.

I was pretty pleased with the game, it wasn't amazing but wasn't bad. It wasn't scary in the sense that, I'd be scared when I was on my own at night or something, but it did creep me out a little. I found myself thinking "wtf" more than actually being scared. I missed alot of the "scary moments" aswell, as somebody said, I was busy focussing on other things or trying to scavenge for ammo or psychic links when stuff happened.

Regarding scary movies in the last 10 years, The Ring (remake) literally scared the crap out of me. I couldn't sleep for weeks after that movie, seriously. I never get scared by movies, but that was terrifying.
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