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On the gamecube and PS2 if you selected to load your save back up (new game +) you then had to select the costumes and then the difficulty.
Also why does every one go on about the typewriter machine gun?
The handcannon for 0 units is by far the better weapon, especialy with how much space it takes up. PLUS the light cannon (can't remember it's name) you get is absolutely class, and a god send when it comes to groups of enemies.

The only things i have to point out that haven't already, is the fact that the costume achievement, empesizes the S. Making me question wheather we will need to S rank the game/chapters. This won't be easy with the typewriter as it's accuracy is non existant.

I know i'm going to get slated for this, but i thing the TMP fully upgraded is far better than the typewriter, mainly because it can be used as a pistol, head shot - stager enemy - go in for a hand to hand/knife attack. Fine the typewriter is powerful, and unlimited ammo, but the lack of accuracy had cost me against shield enemies or plagas enemies. Where as the TMP has never let me down.
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