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Wow, alot of different responses here!

Well, I like the game, to be honest, I LOVE THE GAME, it's nothing like DMC, it's f'n better! I always thought that DMC was made by the Japanese FOR THE JAPANESE! And Bayo was made so that we in the west could enjoy something similar!

First and foremost, X Y X will be your bread and butter! practice this in your sleep, the great thing is you can even charge each attack, hold X hold Y hold X

Another thing, KILGORE GLITCH people! heeeellllooooo?
First, Kilgore must be on the feet in one set and Durga on the feet in the other, it doesn't matter what you have in your hands, I recommend, Durga on hands AND feet for set one, and Durga for hands and KILGORE for feet in set two!

Now let the magic begin!

What you do is, you start witht the Durga/Durga (LIGHTNING recommended) set and you go P P P P K
once you hit the K(ick) button, you should see Bayo raising her leg (going for the kick) THIS IS WHEN YOU SWITCH TO THE OTHER SET BY PRESSING LT!

And since I'm a n00b on this site and don't know how to post a the video in my post, I'ma have to do it like this:
HTML Code:
Hope this helps!

And oh! STAY AWAY FROM IMMORTAL MARIONETTE, it's sucks, and it's a waste of halos! You're better off spamming X Y X, Scarburough (the sword, sorry for misspelling) and Durga works awsome!

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