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Just wanted to agree with the previous post.

I adored the first FEAR game, but this one just didn't seem scary. There's a combination of reasons for this.

First, I spend the whole first game trying to kill Paxton. Why on earth is he my bosom companion now!
Second, little Alma is a hundred times scarier than grown up Alma. Little Alma is an intentionally pretty, sweet, innocent person. This makes you empathise with her, so when she started doing terrible things you were able to both pity and fear her. It was effective. When she showed up it was genuinely scary. However in this installment, Alma just seems annoying. She's grown up, covered in more blood than a character in Clive Barker's world and is just... boring!

Okay, so at 1am those are the only reasons I can come up with, but honestly - I was disappointed. When the first FEAR came out I was genuinely impressed with it. FEAR Files was also an interesting installment, but since then, the games seem to have lost their fear factor and become more action orientated.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if this were simply called 'Adventures of Point Man', I'd really like it - it's the fact it's trying to follow up an excellent first game that it seems so disappointing.
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