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Warning - Read before playing

I don't normally post 'warnings' about games I have played - but I feel that my experiences with this game my save someone from having to endure the suffering I had to.

I decided to rent this game after reading threads on various achievement sites and the guide posted here but what I experienced was bordering on unplayable.

Firstly this game is NOT an easy 1000G, sure there are only 14 achievements but the time and effort needed on what is essentially a poor, glitch ridden, unplayable mess, simply isn't worth it.

some advice before you play it
- First achievement pops early so you can't play a little, realise how bad it is and then delete it from your gamerscore
- Graphics are N64, which for a game released in 2009 is unacceptable
- Jumping is easily the worst element of the game as there is NO DEPTH perception.
- This last section of the game, where you are required to basically estimate jumping (due to horrendous level design) is almost controller breaking.
-Your main battle will be with the camera, which for most parts is probably the worst camera in 3D platform history (in my opinion)
- DO NOT FOLLOW THE TOTEM GUIDE, yes the videos help for some locations but the guide is a mess, incoherent and will almost double your playtime.

The combination of a very poor guide and horrific controls, graphics, gameplay, camera made this 1000G a terrible experience and at around 10 hours it was also a waste of time.

Even if you can persevere with awful games I would still be cautious with this.
I rented this for an easy 1000G what I got was the worst gaming experience ever.
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