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Originally Posted by infrenis View Post
This games classes feel crazy awesome. Just had to preface my choice with that! These characters are listed in order of how useful they are from a scoring perspective.

#4. Tech Marine: I honestly don't understand how people can play as him. The melta gun seems like a good idea, but its lack of actual damage and the fact that his RB is useless for getting a higher multiplier. Idk, looks fun, but he's just so meh.

#3. Librarian: His RB ability is just too amazing. The only reason I don't particularly like him as my "main" is because he's only good in CC, making him vulnerable since every enemy in this game can attack just as fast as you can. Before the Sternguard gets the missile launcher, his ability is the best in the game along side the Vanguards.

#2. Vanguard: Lol. He's literally the Librarian with a better RB ability. I literally spent any level I played as him running around the rooms killing everything by jet packing into them! The only problem is that it's a little hard to turn, but thats not much of an issue when most things die when your un by em anyway

#1. Sternguard: So awesome! who needs the Melta gun when you can just rapid fire missile launchers? And over half the power ups in the game are centered around being at a longer range! Double Fire, Triple Fire, Quad Fire, Rapid Fire! The Bubble? Only useful at range! Shooting missiles while your opponent can't lay a finger on you from outside the bubble has saved me many a time.
If the Meltagun was ANYWHERE near what it is on the tabletop, you wouldn't need the explosives to blow up the battlewagons on level 4. That gun was DESIGNED to melt vehicles. Not to mention, its a HEAT RAY. It sets sh*t on fire. Just reach out an touch someone, then watch them burn to death. You dont have to do anything beyond sweep the thumb stick.

Also, the Vanguard is not 'exactly' the same as the Libby. His gun is actual far weaker.....which makes no sense as its a plasma pistol....and the Libby's sword is far better than a lightning claw.

As for the Devestator (i'm not calling him the sternguard.....sternguard drop pod into a fight with combi-meltas. theyre suicide squads meant to blow up tanks), he's my favorite. But i highly prefer the Plasma Cannon to the Missle Launcher. the Launcher may do more damage, but a rapid fire, fire suppressing plasma cannon literally COATS an area in miniature suns....and from a table top stand point, the Plasma Cannon does what a missle launcher does, except better.
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