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Slash Mode 40
Kill 50 enemies in a row in Survival Slice Challenge as the primary player.

One of the more annoying single-player achievements. Just don't get stressed when the 50 mark is approaching. When stressed it is more likly that you will make a mistake.

You'll be guarding a lot. Always let the opponent attack first. Make sure you will hit when you attack, because if you miss, its a huge opening for your opponent retaliate. I personally did this achievement with Cortes when I was going for his joke weapon, but its 100% possible with the other characters.

Legendary Arsenal 20
Unlock all weapon and armor for each of the Legendary Warriors.

There are five different unlockables for each warrior. Four are in Arcade mode, 1 in survival Slice.

1. Arcade - Challenge 1 (Beat Army Guy)
2. Arcade - Battle against yourself
3. Arcade - Challenge 2 - Slice Mode
4. Arcade - Beat Arcade Mode
5. Survival Slice - Kill 25 enemies in a row. (See Slash Mode for Survival Slice tips)

Remember, you'll have do do all these 9 times.

Legendary General 15
Activate all three General Abilities during a single game of Generals.

Very easy achievement. You must claim all 3 Neutral castles in a game of generals, and activate all 3 abilities. Extra brigades is not an ability. Don't choose it. Also, you must be the first person to claim the castles. If your opponent claimed a castle, and you then take it from them, it will not give you an ability.

The easiest way to get this achievement is to have a multiplayer match with a second controller. The achievement controller goes and captures the castles, while Player 2 just stacks all their brigades on their home castle. Capture the final neutral castle and pick your last ability, and the achievement is yours.

Legendary Warrior 10
Win 10 online ranked duels.

The easiest online achievement if you don't count "A Pox of the Small Variety", this one should be self explanatory. Just get 10 wins. Find a character your good with, and head into ranked battles. Just remember to block.
Also, if your opponent leaves the game in the middle of the battle, you will be rewarded points, but you will not receive a win.

These Dice are Loaded! 5
Lose three consecutive battles at even odds or better during a game of Generals.

There are few decent methods for this achievement, but it primarily falls on your luck. The best method is below.
CrazyJGerman's Method: Using two controllers in a local multiplayer game go to 'Multiplayer' and select a 'Generals' Game (make sure settings are set on 'Easy' in your main menu).

For this achievement the set up doesn't really matter. Choose whichever characters for both controllers and any of the maps (I went with the first one since it appears to be smaller).

Using the second controller conquer two strongholds (the territories with the castles on them) so that you gain two abilities which will let you have an even bigger advantage over P1 (achievement controller) when attacking with P2.

Spread out with both controllers so that you have different opportunities to attack P1 with P2.

I put three brigades in each territory where both controllers border each other so that the likeliness of me losing would be increased with the main controller (P1) after gaining the two abilities with P2.

Once I had an equal spread and 3 brigades in each territory I took turns attacking the main controller with P2. If it didn't seem to work out I would wait for the next turn and just re-conquer or re-stack territories in the meantime.

It took me three different turns in the same game to get the achievement. That is why you should maybe even try it with two brigades in each territory to make it shorter and simpler.

Six Degrees of Separation 35
Severed every limb from your opponent during a slice mode duel without using a final strike.

Go to local battle, and turn Slice mode ON, and Zombie mode ON. Now just follow these instructions:

* Use William Wallace vs. William Wallace in a local battle using his Claymore.

1. Walk up and press Y to decapitate head.

2. Just barely within striking distance press X and this should sever the left arm.

3. Walk around to the side with the arm (the left) and stay barely within striking distance and press A, and this should sever his left arm and possibly one leg. It doesn't matter if the one leg gets severed or not as the steps remain the same.

4. Now there should only be a torso and leg(s) left. Hit X to cut the torso in half.

5. Now with only the leg(s) left. Hit A and it should complete the job.
Method by HighT3chR3dn3ck

Dead and Broken 10
Break your opponent's arm and leg by grappling before final striking them in a ranked duel.

Grab, grab, and grab again. If you don't know, to grab you press the and together, and you then enter a rock-paper-scissors-guess-what-button-he's-gonna-press type of game. breaks your leg, breaks your arm, and kills you. for the achievement, you have to break your opponents arm and leg, and then finally kill them by grabbing them again. Just keep trying in ranked matches.

If anyone Khan, Genghis Khan! 35
Beat arcade mode with Genghis Khan using only the dead fish on Deadliest Difficulty.

The achievement description is a lie. You DO NOT have to beat it on deadliest difficulty. You can beat it as Khan with the fish on easy, and you will still get the achievement. Killing the opponent is still painfully slow, but it is WAY easier on easy. Use Genghis Khan's - - combo to shove opponents off the edge to make battles go by quicker.

(To get this fish for Genghis Khan, defeat 25 opponents in a row in survival slice with him.)

Denied! 10
Parry your opponent three times in a row without being hit in a single ranked duel.

To Parry. you have to block, and while blocking, press the , , or (depending on what button they are using, you have to hit the same) at the precise moment the attack hits you. I found Cortes to be the easiest to do this with. There are many players who spam the same attack online. That will be a good time to attempt this.

Regardless of what the description says, the parrys DO NOT have to be in a row. You can do a parry, block, block, do another parry etc. and still get the achievement. You just cant get hit in between the parry.

Marksman 10
Get three consecutive headshots using any long range weapon in a single ranked duel.

This achievement is almost entirely about luck. and weapon choice. I found Genghis Khan's Crossbow the best long range weapon to use for this achievement (Beat his arcade mode to unlock it). Hannibal's spear is also a good choice. For the crossbow, don't push and , just push . It goes far to high when you aim up.

And again, like the Denied! achievement, these DO NOT have to be consecutive. You can miss a few shots. You just have to get headshots all 3 rounds.

When Push comes to Shove 5
As the primary player, After being pushed knock an opponent out of the ring.

The easiest achievement in the game, as it can be done local. To shove, you press and together. Choose a stage where you can get ring outs.
A Pox of the Small Variety 5
Win a ranked online duel against a developer playing as Cortes or someone with this achievement.

A Viral achievement. Should come naturally if you play ranked matches enough, or when your going for 10 wins.
3,500th Achievement

Murder Nature(Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon)
Kill all the Animal Types. 30
Achievement Guides:

Deadliest Warrior: Legends

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