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* Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
* Offline: 3 ( 60 )
* Online: 0 (0 )
* Approximate amount of time to 60: 1 Hour (or Less)

The bloodlust continues with Joan of Arc joining the heat of battle! Joan comes with her own unique church environment. Think you've mastered all the characters? Then try Mac, the host of the new season as well as a playable chameleon character. The DLC pack also comes with a new Generals campaign for Joan."

Compared to the main game, these achievements are simple, easy and don't involve ranked matches.
Cleaning up the Competition 30
Beat arcade mode with Joan of Arc using only the broom on Deadliest Difficulty.

Just like It's brother achievement, you can beat Joan's Arcade mode w/ the broom on easy difficulty, and still get the achievement. See "If anyone Khan, Genghis Khan" for a bit more info.

Joans broom is trickier to use than the fish, mainly because of just how slow it is. I found the combos - - and - - to be the best combos to spam with.

(To unlock Joans Broom, defeat 25 enemies in a row in survival Slice.)

It's Raining Men 15
As Joan of Arc, knocked every other warrior out of the ring to their death.

Very easy achievement. As Joan, shove every other warrior (besides Joan) out of the ring. Just choose local battle and connect a second controller, then go through all the warriors. plus = shove.

Mack-gyvered 15
As Mack, defeated an opponent with every warrior moveset

Mack is the other "character" you get in this DLC.

Mack is basically a glorified random button. Each time you play as him, he plays and controls like one of the other 9 warriors (He doesn't copy Joan). Just keep playing as him, and you will get it. If you want it quickly. plug in a second controller, local battle, rounds-1. His move set is random, so be patient.
3,500th Achievement

Murder Nature(Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon)
Kill all the Animal Types. 30
Achievement Guides:

Deadliest Warrior: Legends

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