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Just bought on Amazon, arrived as PAL version, I'm in the US...

Hey there, this game (bundled with the Vision cam, helloooooo RSV1&2 achievements) arrived today from amazon ( You're in the Movies: Video Games You're in the Movies: Video Games
), and as I was unboxing I noticed the "PEGI" rating on the front as well as the "PAL" markings (instead of NTSC).

I live in the US; is there any chance the game itself will work on my original 360 Elite (bought and only used in the US). I don't really care about the game anyway, just the vision cam, but it would be nice to play it as it seems as if it's a straightforward 1k.

Just wondering if I should even bother opening the game or if I should just contact Amazon and start the return process (once I've taken my pictures for Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 that is).

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