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Originally Posted by n8ryder View Post
It doesn't take long at all since the rest of the level gives many points from ant hills, the 3 mantis, etc.

I used Pesticide mortar to get to the 3 ant hills spot quickly then only had to sit there about 10 minutes with heat seeking Rocket Launcher far away til reached 45K then finished the level to gain the remaining 20K. The whole ordeal took about 25 minutes. Thats how I got the rest needed for High Roller.

But as Pants Party stated, it already is a great credit/experience boosting level as it is and playing it regular without farming and using Pesticide weapons is probally just as efficient.

If you do not want to devote as much time playing, have other things to do, and let it do it's thing, you can farm the 1-1 Ant holes and get the 65K in about 1.5 hours. This is good if you're around to come back and check up on it every so often.
I tried Jet with Rank 7 for doesnt sit well for her to get 65k xp/CR because it takes too long to kill metal spiders. This level works the best for Battle rank 8 with Pesticide gun as Pants Party stated. That level 3-3 with Battle rank 8 is a way to go if you farming it for DaddyWarBugs if you are done with Lifer achievement. So you and Pants Party are right about that.

It takes 3.1 millions xp to earn for all Rank 8 Armors then you have to earn 8.2 millions CR to spend on all weapons for all armors only if you didn't spend any weapons.

I have to buy all remaining weapons for 4.3 millions xp which takes a long time.

8.2 millions CR to spend for all weapons (Daddy Warbugs)
3.1 millions XP to earn for all armors (Lifer)

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