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Originally Posted by n8ryder View Post
Have not tried it with anything else except Battle Armor and couldn't imagine it being any easier with the other 3 armors so I see your frustration there. There is a cluster of Ant/Spider holes in 2-5 also and can gain some good distance so it may be worth some testing there.

You are definitely stronger willed than Iam with this game. I can not see myself having the patience for Daddy WarBugs or Lifer and I wish you the best to get there and becoming probally one of the few with 1k GS
IMO, any armors is really up to a person's preference to play with. I really like Battle and Tactical..suits for my style because I likes to kill a lot of bugs.

Thank you...its really test your mental with your patience and push you on how far you went with EDFIA. So, I'm pretty much a stubborn guy and wouldn't let anything to overcome me, lol. I have a lot of free times for the summer because my 2 daughters gone with their mother for the summer. I won't see the girls until 2nd week of August and bring them back to my home. They will have 3 weeks to prepare for the school by end of August. That's why I play this game a lot and trying to finish it up before the girls come, lol!

Hmm...2-5, or you could try Chapter 1 Ditchslap like I stated before. It works the best for Tactical, IMO. My opinion, 2nd anthill in 1-1 works the best for Jet because she need to be distance away from ants and has less protective armor than any characters.

It took me a few tries to get it right on 3-3 with T8 Battle because some ants behind me knocked me down during the blast or not enough health laying around during 3 ant hills and wasps. I did speedrun and got 36K XP/CR in 10 minutes. Maybe I didnt do something right. I hate Wasps, sometime during the blast they would shoot the laser at my sheild and I lose it. I die from it...I freaking hate that.

Pants Party, what other weapon is the best to kill spiders and ants from the anthills besides Pesticide Gun for Battle?

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