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Game vs. Movie

So I played through the game before I got to see the movie. Because the game is based on the movie, I had certain expectations about the movie and felt a bit let down because I think the game excelled above the movie in instances.

McGonnagol vs Snape

Game - MocGonnagol declares "You are a coward severus, and you always have been". fight starts

Movie - no dialogue. fight starts.

Game wins

McGonnagol Troll Fight

Game - McGonnagol valiantly declares she will defend hogwarts. Awesome fight scene where you defeat giant troll.

Movie - McGonnagol does something I guess.

Game wins

I was really excited to see McGonnagol kick some ass in the movie because the game portrayed her in that way. I was sad when there was no scene of her directly taking on a troll.

Dumbledor Fights

Game - sadly, he is not a useable character nor does he shoot his death star laser spell down the bridge

Movie - Dumbledor casts his awesome death star spell. very brief, but cool.

Movie wins
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