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lol Complaining about getting spawn camp, that means Battlefield isn't the game for you. Seriously. As for your Halo pic, I'm pretty sure you've dealt with BTB players holding Objectives in the Halo 3 days. Am I correct? Every game has that, and as for the comment about BC2 cannot spawn camping because of larger maps? Well That's a false, unless you're talking about Harvest Day Rush. My team spawn camp badkids/CoD Players all day long if we're not in a competitive match. Don't go around posting false statements of this game. It isn't fun for the other side because all they do is die, but when you are spawn killing with Tanks all day, the excitment and ranking up faster happens. Oh and for the record, capturing flags, all 5 of them, is the most boring thing to do as we just sit around while everyone's hiding out on their main deployment. That's the biggest pet peeve of any game right there.
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