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I wish I knew this method back when I started playing the game at launch but I needed up getting fire controller legit on Mazar-I-Sharif Acirfield and Helmand Valley in Combat mission. Just a suggestion if you want to try solo or boosting isn't woring out for you. There are plenty of choke points to get kills when your defending since the enemy team is usually reluctant to move up. You can snipe away and use support action chains until you get enough points to get the offensive support action you need for the achievement. Once your a good enough sniper it should take a few games until you get the hang of it. I used the M24, High Powered Scope, Range Finder, Extra Mags or suppressor. The last two support actions for 450 points and 600 points are the hardest. Just don't get nervous or too anxious. Good luck.

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