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Both games do have motion clones
For Dynasty Warriors 6 , you have around 10 unique characters
the rest are clones of each other like , xu zhu , dong zhuo , wei yan
they all fight the same , do have the same moves
gameplay is well easy , all you do is press X ,
really , the game is a X button masher
story is a bit ok , graphics are kinda good (against warriors 5)
the AI in this game is , normal , they do fight back and take some hits before they die

in Warriors 7
EVERYONE is a motion clone
i mean , lubu can fight the same as dong zhuo for example
everyone can wield everyone's weapons , and that isn't interesting
combat is back to Warriors 5 style , combo system and that is good
the graphics are good against the 6 and the story is the best of the dynasty warrior series , it kinda detailed
the AI is Lazy in this game
mostly they just stand there and do nothing

i'm a dynasty warrior fan , and i enjoyed both
if you like 100% pure mindless action , then 6 is for you
do you like some strategy and story , then 7 is for you
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