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Mud and Guts Car Pack Achievements

Watch the Paintwork!
Complete a clean race with a car from the Mud and Guts Car Pack
Just finish a race without damaging your car or hitting anyone else. Easiest way to do this would probably be in a Rally race; set the difficulty to the lowest setting, and then just take your time finishing the race.

The Lively Set
Drive all of the cars from the Mud and Guts Car Pack
Lancia Stratos - Rally - 70s
Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 - Rally - Group B
CitroŽn C4 Rallycross - Rallycross - RX
Saturn Sky - Gymkhana
Ford Mustang GT - Trailblazer - Modern
Just complete a single player race with each car. This may be similar to the New Wheels achievement in which you only have to drive a few meters for it to count as the car being driven.
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