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Add one more to the list of many.

I use to work as a video game tester and I must admit that this game should not have been released in it's current state. During my LONG play through to get to 1000/1000 I have had 6 crashes where I needed to restart my xbox and the collect all minikit achievement not unlocking (I'm also missing the clanker's collector and the 100% achievements but i seem to have found the last droid/2% i was missing aka the luxury droid). These are serious issues and as such should keep a game in the testing phase until they are fixed. Seriously, keep it in it's testing phase for an extra month or two until it is solid and then release it with no problems, your fans will be all the more happy with you and let's face it these companies can afford to delay it's release for the extra time as well.

And to all the people thinking "well it's a game and there are bound to be some issues with it" I agree with you, nothing is perfect, but to have the game crash 6 times in the span of 2 days, 2 of the crashes on the same level, is unacceptable.

After all that is said I must decide if it is worth playing the whole game again to get the minikit achievement as it seems some of you have gotten it by playing it again, although some of you also state it doesn't work...I suppose I'll try and let you all know the outcome of my trials.

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