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Originally Posted by SpongebobRoundpants View Post
So the achievement will work JUST FINE with no problems if you have never downloaded the DLC?
Never downloaded DLC or downloaded after the first DLC was made free apparently.

But just to be safe, avoid the DLC until you have Special Ops and the ranked mode achievements.

Originally Posted by NathObeaN View Post
Dude! Thank you SO, SO, SO much! This ACTUALLY worked! I have been trying to get this achievement SINCE THE GAME CAME OUT but unfortunately I downloaded the DLC and it glitched. I have tried EVERY suggestion MULTIPLE times, but this trick actually worked. I actually got it before playing every map too; I didn't even get around to playing retrieval. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
I've heard many people who play it for the first time and go for the achievements get Special Ops early. It may be part of the bug.
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