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The trial is a really good one, it shows the game off for what it really is unlike some arcades that give crappy trials.

Its a 7/10 single player but played with a friend especially a close one it hits the high 9/10, I've never laughed so much playing a game before, mainly because there's nothing like watching your friend mistime the last hurdle and get creamed mid-fall.

It's also despite the name and looks, not a sports game but more like a big boys version of Tag

The supremacy mode is great online but you don't get to try it in the demo, I only wish it allowed for 4 players but it's limited to 2 real and 2 ai, each competing to get to the end zone first and or push each other out of the boundaries, the first to fail then becomes a tackler which if it is your 'friend' just make sure you have the evasive moves remembered because you know he's coming for you. Also brilliant to see a friends epic superman dive into nothingness.

Awesome game, worth 1200? Yes if you have a friend with it but secluded to single player (whilst still funny and exciting) it might seem a tad overpriced.

Sory for long post but this game needs to be experienced by everyone.
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