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Originally Posted by Deathlorddanny View Post
What do you suppose is the quickest way to go about going from say 1-7, i have gone from 5-7 so far on my battle armor but the last level is freaking so much xp to get. Im gonna try boosting on 3-3 on inferno i guess.
What I did with Battle from 7 to 8 Rank, I used Brux Fab Tusker(?) Assault Rifle and grenade launcher with 30m blast *Tier 7 for 1-4. As soon as I enter the tunnel, I bomb first anthill on the right but left 2 anthills alive then use grenade launcher to blast them away. It takes about 15 minutes from there, stop around 45-50k xp and finish off the level. I did it on Inferno and had the bots with me, too.

The reason why it takes so long time to reach Rank 8 from 7 is because it has 400,000 xp to earn.

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