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Excellent guide, helped me a lot. Just thought I share some of my experiences with the special battle achievements to keep this updated.

In order to trigger the special battles (Yellow Turban Rebellion, Hu Lao Gate, Guan Du, Chi Bi and Yi Ling), you can pick any ruler that participates in said battles. While picking Yuan Shao works perfectly for the achievements, I always found him and his officers (except Zhang He) really crappy . If you are familiar with the series and have a favorite officer/ruler/kingdom etc., Wei for me, then why not have some fun and choose them as long as it would trigger the special battle.

Here's a list of all special battles and participating sides:

Yellow Turban Rebellion
Belligerents: Zhang Jiao's forces vs. Allied forces
Participating sides: Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Liu Bei, Yuan Shao

Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Belligerents: Dong Zhuo's forces vs. Allied forces
Participating sides: Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Liu Bei, Yuan Shao

Battle of Guan Du
Belligerents: Yuan Shao's forces vs. Cao Cao's forces
Participating sides: Cao Cao, Yuan Shao

Battle of Chi Bi
Belligerents: Cao Cao's forces vs. Sun Quan's forces and Liu Bei's forces
Participating sides: Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Liu Bei

Battle of Yi Ling
Belligerents: Sun Quan's forces vs.Liu Bei's forces
Participating sides: Sun Quan, Liu Bei

Cao Cao is always blue, Liu Bei is always green and Sun Jian/Ce/Quan is always red.

As for the Battle of Yi Ling, which is a little diva, I found the information in the achievement guide/roadmap on the DW5:Empires section to be extremely helpful:

In the "Flames over Chi Bi" scenerio, play as Wu or Shu.
If playing as Wu, don't take ANYTHING except for the bottom free province. ALLY with Cao Cao for Long Term and let Liu Bei take all of the territories until he borders "Chang Sha." Let him take "Chang Sha," then invade him. Once you have aquired "Chang Sha," the next turn you will recieve a message about Li Ying, Participate.

As Shu, take "Chang Sha" and either provoke Wu into attacking you or let Wu attack you then retreat and Attack "Chang Sha."

It seems, you also need Cao Cao to still be on the map. I tried to get Yi Ling (Wu side/Sun Quan, Chi Bi scenario) in order to unlock a cg video and artwork in the gallery. Only that while waiting for Liu Bei to take Wu Ling and Chang Sha, I annihilated Cao Cao. After that, no matter what I did, I couldn't trigger the Battle of Yi Ling. Tried different methods, had multiple saves etc. It was the year 216/217 when I took Chang Sha from him. Knowing that Yi Ling took place around 222, I decided to wait until then. Nothing happened. Anger started to build up inside of me...

Then I started again and followed the advice above. Left Cao Cao alone, waited for Liu Bei to take Chang Sha and Wu Ling, then I took Chang Sha and immediately after the battle and some dialogue, the option to participate in the Battle of Yi Ling popped up. Couldn't even save the game in between.
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