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Originally Posted by Mittens2317 View Post
Okay, this achievement's really pissin me off. I've had problems with similar achievements in the past The Duellist from Fable II did my head in just as much. Problem is, this is even more annoying.

I ain't sure if the achievement is for horizontal spins only, or vertical ones as well, coz I usually get a mix between the two. I'm also sceptical as to whether spins through the air count, coz I'm feelin like the car has to actually be touching the floor to register.

Anyway, I need someone to confirm if any of this is true. What specific requirements have to be met, coz I'm tearing my hair out over this?

Alternatively, you can post me a gun and a single bullet so I can put myself out of my misery.
This achievement was driving me crazy. Then I came up to a video on youtube saying not to let RT when car lands and continue doing another jump, chaining jumps together! It took me 2 mins with this method oppossed to the freakin 5 hrs I was trying to do it by a single jump!!! SOmeone please place it on the achievement guide! I was about to loose my mind!

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