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Level 5: Wildfires
Send the men to the first totem to build a village. Then send them to the second one, which you should replace, as told, after building. Send someone to pick up the relic left of the new location of the second village and replace your first village next to your second village. Place the water trees away from the villages to make sure you are safe of dangers.
Go build a village at the third totem, which you should place next to the other villages. Now build the fourth village and quickly relocate the fire trees so that they don't burn this village.
Now wait for a 100% vegetation, for which you might want to replace some villages. After you have 100% vegetation you can leave unless you want the Amazon achievement now. As soon as you leave the Hell achievement will unlock.
If you do want the Amazon achievement now, simply keep uprooting a water tree with and replanting it with until it pops.

Level 6: Waves
Build a village at the first totem. Then build one near the Jellify Water totem and grab the relic near the second totem. Then grab the knowledge of Repel Water above the second totem.
You will probably have noticed that the land, and the water, between the knowledge of Repel Water and the third totem, Amplify The Breach, keeps shifting. So while collecting the knowledge you should use Jellify Water. Once the knowledge is spread build a village near the third totem and use Jellify Water to keep it safe.
Then you should build a village near the fourth totem, Put Out Fire, and here you should use Jellify Water as well to keep the village safe until they know how Repel Water.
When everyone knows how to repel water, grab an explosive tree and place it near the wall, then grab a fire tree and place it on the explosive tree to destroy the wall. Keep doing this until you can send your people through.
Leave as soon as you have 100% vegetation.

Level 7: Hightides
Send men to build a vilage at the second totem, Jellify Water, and use Amplify The Breath to hold back the water to help your people make it. Wait for it to be build and to have gained the knowledge of Repel Water. Then let the knowledge spread to the first village.
(Saving right now is recomended!) Now grab the fire trees near the third totem, Engulf All, and place them somewhere safe, so they burn nothing. Surround the third totem with earth so that the water is held away, this requires almost all the earth that you have so far. When no water can go near the third totem start building a village there, when they know how to repel water you can take away the earth and place it all in another opening to the right.
(Saving again is recomended!) Then, when the water withdraws, send the men to the fourth totem, Infinite Earth, and start building. The water will come back so use Jellify Water to hold it back and if needed use Engulf All to help in your defences as well. Eventually this village has gained the knowledge of Repel Water as well, so you can start covering the world with earth. When you have 100% vegetation, leave this place.

Level 8: The Tears Of Stone
Build a village at the closest totem and then gather lava to block the right stream, near the source, so you can collect the knowledge of Repel Lava. Then block the left stream so you can build a village at the Put Out Fire totem. When you have two villages, both with the knowledge, block the right stream at the source of the lavariver, so that the lava will stream on the left. Then when the volcano has erupted go build the village on the right and spread the knowledge, afterwards gather the knowledge of Repel Water. While waiting for the volcano to erupt grab the relic that you will find at the top of the volcano.
When the villages have Repel Water and Repel Lava you can start going for the fourth, Engulf All. The fourth is covered in water, to the right of the volcano. So first you should use Jellify Water and then with the help op Amplify The Breath gather all to water away from the source, which is above the totem, and then block it with earth. Now build the village and you'll see that water comes pouring out, making the volcano 'cool down' and it will help cover the stone with earth, so just wait until you have 100% vegetation and then leave.

Level 9: The Raging Earth
Build your village near the Amplify The Breath totem, and use the earth around this totem to block the first three water rivers and first branch of the fourth river so you can easily send someone to pick up Repel Lava.
After your village knows how to repel lava, you want to use the lava to make a wall in such a way that all the lava streams towards your village, this way you can easily grab the Repel Water and build a village near the Infinite Earth totem later. After grabbing the Repel Water wait for the tsunami to strike, if there is one approaching in ~25 seconds, and build a village near the Jellify Water totem and wait for the knowledge to spread. If the tsunami broke through the little dam you build earlier, rebuild it first.
Now build a village near the totem Engulf All, and again wait for the knowledge to spread. As it has spread send a man to collect the relic just to the right of this village. The last thing to do is claim the last village, use lava to rebuild the wall to make sure it streams straight for your first village, that way your men can go past without harm. Use earth to help them get over the wall if needed.
Now just use Infinite Earth to help cover the world with vegetation and leave once you have 100%.

Level 10: Emergence
Start by making roads and creating and clearing the islands for all the totems. Then create some roads to the knowledge of Repel Water and Repel Lava. And as soon as you finished making all the islands and roads start creating a village near the Infinite Earth totem, and then grab the Repel Water. Create the other villages and grab the Repel Lava near the Jellify Water totem.
Now all that is left is to grab the relic, which you will find between the spawn point and the Amplify The Breath totem right across the volcano (it's quite far away from the shore). Make a road over there and collect it.
Now just keep expanding islands until you have 100% vegetation

Level 11: Movements
Starter Tips:
As soon as it rains use Evaporate!
Build walls with lava and Infinite Earth.

Build your first village near the Evaporate totem. After sending your men, bring as many explosive trees as you can and set them in the lake next to your future village. As your men are running towards the totem, keep them alive and use the lava to build a wall between the future village and the source of the lava. After that send men to collect Repel Lava. Use Evaporate to remove all the water so your men can pick it up and deliver it. While waiting create a village near Infinite Earth and when it is done, move it next to your first village, if you weren't fast enough you can use Infinite Earth to raise it so it doesn't flood. Then use Evaporate to remove the water. Now keep building a wall with lava around your two villages while waiting for the third rain and eruption. After which you should build a wall around Jellify Water, until it is about as high as the previous, and then create a village. Keep on building the walls and use Infinite Earth to help the shaman carry Repel Lava to the Jellify Water village. When its over rebuild the wall as much as possible and prepare for rain. Now wait for the lava to withdraw a bit, which will take a while as you might not want to have the risk of the rain drowning your villages.
After that build a wall around the last totem, and when it is as high as the previous walls build a village. Spam Infinite Earth on the ground to get 100% vegetation, not to close to the lava ofcourse, and leave. As soon as you leave the End Of Our Journey achievement will unlock.
Note: If you always use Evaporate when it rains it is quite possible to not lose a village here.
I lost one village, because I ended Evaporate BEFORE the rain stopped, this made one of my villages drown. So don't I would suggest not to disable Evaporate before the rain ends.

A second solution by Maka can be found HERE.

Level 12: Origins
Build your totem with . Then use the D-pad to use your powers to create earth, water, lava and plants. Just use earth to make some place for your totems and once there is enough place a totem with .

Either experiment and do it as you wish or keep on following the guide:
Keep your villages together and position them in a square and put them high . Now just make enough earth and cover it with plants. When you reach 50% you will unlock the last memory and thus unlocking the Memories Found achievement, if all other memories have been found. And when you reach 100% you unlock the Green Thumbs achievement and the ability to place the sanctuary.

Warning: Starting the creation of the sanctuary is irreversible and can be terrible as it is quite random, since it depends on the land you build and how far you placed the sanctuary away from your village(s).

Once your ready place the sanctuary as close to one of the villages as possible and make your people storm it and spam . Once your people passed through the Sanctuary achievement will be unlocked, if you lost less then 5 villages then the Safe Journey achievement will pop as well.

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