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Challenge Guide:

A video guide for all the challegens with commentary can be found HERE - by x CmOn3y x

After completing Story Mode, by following the Story Mode Guide, go to the main menu, hit play and then Challenge Mode.
Page 1:
Fire!. Absorb water and throw it on the fire to extinguish it.
Running in the rain. Send the men to build the village and just absorb the water to help them pass. You have 7 people and you only need 5 to build a village, so no worries if one dies.
Bail Out. Send the shaman to pick up the knowledge while you absorb all the water from the lake and throw it in the sea, then just wait for the shaman to spread the knowledge and your village is safe.
The Big Wave. Send the shaman to pick up the knowledge and then remove the water between the first and second village. Then absorb earth and drop it in the sea to make a road between the second and third village.
Canyoning. Send the shaman to pick up the knowledge, meanwhile absorb some water. Once your shaman has the knowledge drop the water on him to help him down the mountain. Now let the shaman get to the village and spread the knowledge to safe the village.
Pump it up, thanks to Namepending. Collect earth and throw it in each lake, two balls of earth is enough to make each one flood and thus protect your vilage from fire.
Xuenylom, thanks to Namepending. Pick up lava and use it to destroy your first village, don't worry because you don't have to save this village. Then use lava to close the gaps near the start of the river. And there you have it, you saved the villages.

Page 2:
Aquasplash. Send your shaman to pick up the knowledge while waiting for him to arrive keep absorbing water from the small lake above, and dumping it in the sea. He should be able to make it without screaming for help. When going back you need to absorb the rivers, so he can pass. After he has passed drop the water and get ready to absorb the next rivers. When he passed the last river the tsunami will approach, but he can easily make it.
Waterfall. Simply absorb water and throw it just a bit above the shaman to help him down, as soon as he is past the vegetation he should be able to make it in a bit.
Guardian Angel. Bring the village with Repel Lava, the one on the right of the volcano, in front of the volcano to block the lava. Then wait for your shaman to spread the knowledge and save both villages.
Explosions. Just pick up the explosion trees and place them on the right wall, where the wall is smallest/thinnest, the wall will blow up and the lava will pour into the sea. Add more explosion trees, even when the lava is already pouring into the sea, to make sure nothing goes towards your village.
Sacrifice, thanks to Zim & Loopstahblue. Send your people to create a village at the next totem and absorb earth with at the back of your village, hold it down till you absorb everything you can, and use it create a path for your men, two balls should be enough. Then send a shaman to the knowledge of Repel Water and keep absorbing earth and using it to make a path for him, watch out that you leave a clear path, as the shaman, for me at least, spawns at the first village (even when the second village has already been built). It takes about all the earth of that little island you started at to create a path to the knowledge. It takes ~30 seconds for your shaman to turn back and spread the knowledge, so when there is still ~0:25 on the timer you're safe, as the tsunami still needs to hit land, but if you're quick enough you'll be done before the tsunami even hits.
Gospel. Send the shaman to pick up the knowledge. When he reaches the water use Jellify Water and make a road for him. When the path is clear, remove some water near the shore so he doesn't drown. Then wait for him to come back.
Hell. Just like Fire!, absorb some water, the only water pit is on the left side of the hill near the start of the fire, and drop it on either the left or the right side of the top of the hill, keep doing this and extinguish the fire.

Page 3:
Fluids. Nothing too difficult, send the shaman to the knowledge, which can be found on the right, just pick up some earth to make the road. Then while waiting for him to return gather earth and block the gaps so that the river doesn't drown your village. And there you have it the village is safe.
Collapse. Immediatly grab as much lava as you can and draw a line from the start to them totem, you will need one ball of lava and a bit for that, then send your people to build a village. Grab some more lava and raise the wall if needed to help your people.
Epic Tsunamis. First you might want try it once or twice to see where the water goes, this isn't necessary though. Now just use your powers to save your villages by raising them. Do this with the help of a a combo of Infinite Earth and Amplify The Breath, which will give you the ability to dump a massive amount of earth.
Ditch. It's not difficult, just requires timing and a bit of luck. Move you explosive trees down to your village, then wait for the fire to cross the water trees after which water will extinguish most of the fire, now place your explosive trees in the middle of the fire, between the water trees. A small ditch is made and the fire and water will gather there, killing each other off.
Countdown. Just use your powers to create a straight wall, so no need for any circling, on both sides of your villages, keep adding earth until you win.
Migration. Hit on your village and move it behind the spiky mountain, use your powers and earth to create a road from your current village to the new one. After your people have migrated, open a path for the water, so that a wall of water is made between the village and the spiky mountain, and then just wait for the challenge to be completed.
Nitro. Quite frustrating and it will probably take some tries. All I can tell you is that you need to be fast, and make sure that the water streams down towards your village. The village is on a hill so it won't easily be destroyed by water. Use your explosive trees to make a chain from the wall, that blocks the water, down to the fire. Through trial and error you will have made a chain and saved your village. It took me about 10 times to get this one done.

Page 4:
Quicksand. Simply grab as much lava as you can and surround your village with it, it requires only one ball of lava and a bit, to make a complete wall to completely safe your village.
Atlantis. Keep moving your village to the next island by using the earth to make a road. Make sure that your last village is close to the coast, so your people can save it faster.
Irony. Simply gather lava and use it on the water to carve a path for the two shamans. Then gather more lava and drop a bit on top of the dead vegetation, you will then see that your paths have be destroyed so fix these again, first the path for the water shaman. Then when both shamans can cross gather more lava and use it at the top of the volcano to prevent it from going over and having a chance to destroy your vilage.
Drill. First keep gathering earth and use it to create a wall around the knowledge of repel water, make sure to place the wall on the inner edge of the lake. Once no more water can go in use Engulf All and drain the lake, after about 30 seconds you will have everything so cancel the ability, drop the water in the sea if needed and send your shaman, he will do the rest.

A second solution, thanks to SteamboatWi11y. Send your shaman after the knowledge and then just use earth to raise the knowledge out of the lake. Then just create a path to it following the earth you can see beneath the sea.
Sunken Secret. Send your shaman to grab the knowledge and use your powers to create a path straight to it for him. No problems here.
Trees Of Water. Ignore the fire, first make a wall to protect your village from the water that the water trees release. When the water is hold out, it will most likely extinguish the fire but you can still use your powers to collect balls of earth and then dump it over the fire to extinguish it as well.
Deadly Crossing. First grab a ball of lava and use it to raise the wall of the middle platform. Then send your men to the totem and once they are on the middle platform, place the explosive tree in the middle of the first path and then grab a bit of lava to detonate the tree. Then keep absorbing lava and use it to create a path to the totem for your people.

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