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Originally Posted by niko da bos View Post

not sure if the game has different difficulties, if so i will most likely play on the hardest to get the full experience. one thing i dont want to do is rush thru the playthru and get to the end before i realize whats going on. any big sidequests or DLC that add to the story?
Try beating it on Normal to get a feel for the gameplay and enjoy the story without being overwhelmed. Don't worry about collectibles the first time through, just get the ones you see. Then you can go to Nightmare mode.

On Nightmare mode, it's a good idea to just go for the Nightmare pages and not worry about the other collectibles. There are some areas where you're trying to look around and Taken keep re-spawning.

A third playthrough on Normal is good for getting leftover achievements and collectibles. Copy and paste a checklist for those thermoses, otherwise you'll go crazy looking for them. The game doesn't tell you which chapter you have missing ones.

There's The Signal and The Writer DLC to be played after the main game. Remember to go through the Episodes menu to choose them, otherwise the game will force a higher difficulty on you. The DLC episodes are much harder than the main game. You'll probably have to play these twice or more (especially with the no-die achievements) to get everything.
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