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Wagon Of Fire, thanks to Zim. First grab some water and drop it on the first water trees to empty them. Then wait for the flames to move past the first water trees (While waiting for the flames you might want to gather some water around your village, leaving a path open for the shaman, for extra safety later). As soon as the flames have moved past the first water trees activate Jellify Water and remove the water to carve a path for them to burn across. This requires a bit of timing because if you are to late the flames can't burn across, but being to early might mean you can't reactivate Jellify Water on time. As soon as the flames are across deactivate Jellify Water. Then wait for the flames to get near the top of the little hill near the next set of water plants and reactivate Jellify Water. Then quickly carve a path through the next piece of water and gather water on both sides of the path the flames will burn past so that the fire can be extinguished quickly. As soon as the trees have exploded, creating a path, deactivate Jellify Water. Then send your shaman to pick up the knowledge and extinguish what fire remains.
A second solution, thanks to XPandaX. Send your shaman straight to the relic, he will get close to the wall, then stop. Now turn on Jellify Water, and drop water on him. It will take a couple balls of water, but this should raise him up and over the rim. Then just turn off Jellify Water, let him grab the kite, repeat to get back out of the crater and save the village.

The Descent:
Thanks to Zim for this solution:
Right at the start use Infinite Earth and build a path from the first village towards the knowledge of Repel Lava. This is slightly left of the big mountain by the initial village (to the left of the path they take if you do send them instantly). Now that you have this path built send people to Repel Water, Repel Lava and build the second village. You should now get another Infinite Earth just in time to raise the land around the first village so it doesn't drown. Now while you wait for Infinite Earth to respawn grab some lava or earth and fill in the small gap between the second village and the ramp to the third. The moment the second village is built send them to the third.
Now use the next Infinite Earth (should be your third of the level) to raise the first village a bit more and build a wall along the left hand path you build. The first village should now handle itself and the two shamans are on the way down the path you built to the second. Next use one or two, depending on how you are doing, Infinite Earth to build up the wall of the left hand path again and the wall next to the second village (sea side). By now the shamans should almost be at or have reached the second village. Use the next Infinite Earth to build two small walls next to second village's path heading up the ramp. This is to make sure that repelling water doesn't block the path. Use the remaining earth and later Infinite Earths to build the wall going up the first straight of the ramp (facing the sea).
It may take a few tries as you have to build the walls just the right height that they block the water but also so you have enough earth in time to do everything. Your shamans should reach the third village as the tsunami is about 50-100 metres away and the level will complete.
I hope that helps. It's a pretty long walkthrough for a single challenge because it's very difficult and if you mess up a single step then you can't do the level.[/spoiler]

Thanks to Loopstahblue for this solution:
For The Descent I set them off to make the village while I'm building up the ground under the second village and the shaman are carrying the kites to the second village. The village should be set up and the shaman set off just as the second village starts falling under the water music and with some earth you can help make a path for them towards the last village.
Timing is really tight on this.

'My' method:
I used the methods that both Zim and Loopstahblue provided to make it work for me. Now you might not succeed the first time, so perhaps only after a hard and frustrating time of trial and error you will be able to win. Just don't give up and keep trying!
First send a shaman to pick up the knowledge of Repel Water, some people to build the second village and some people to replace the first village behind the knowledge of Repel Lava. Then use one Infinite Earth to raise your first village so it doesn't drown. Now grab some lava to fill up the gap between the second and the third village. When the first village is replaced send someone for Repel Lava and replace the village again, now at the entrance of the third village. And when the second village is build send some men to build the third village. Fill up the gap between the second and third village if needed with Infinite Earth. Now just keep using Infinite Earth to make a wall, on the seaside, running from the second village to the previous location of Repel Lava, so that the second village and your shamans don't drown. Before both shaman reach the second village the first vilage might be replaced so keep using Infinite Earth to make sure the second village and the shamans don't drown. When the second village is safe the third village is build and the shamans from your first village, that you moved to the entrance of the third village, will walk up the mountain and secure it. This way I was able to win before the tsunami even appeared.

Given by Zer0.BE. I never tested this method.

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