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Originally Posted by DFB 1708 View Post
It turns out restarting the map, that map as well, does reset the deaths.
And I'm afraid I don't know, because I never wrote that down, which would have been a good idea. But I'll check if it says so in the memory screen.

EDIT: It doesn't say in the memory screen, but I am sure that it was in the last halve, probably somewhere between mission 8-11. Not sure though.
Well all of my levels have both little "icons" apart from the very first one (The breath) which only has the top one.

I'm wondering whether i have to do something with the water, It's just annoying not knowing how to get it D:

Nevermind i found it It was a relic on Level 10, which was still underwater, hence why i could;t see it >.<

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