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Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
My first run was like 8 hours, because I'm paranoid and explore the living hell out of each place, since new paths just seem to drop from the sky. Not that it mattered in the end with the lost and found, but I still did it just in case. Second run was like 3 hours, since I was a walking tank from all the money I accrued.
Off Topic: Totally agree with the paranoia in terms of first playthroughs. I'm right at the end of my first

On Topic: I think this IS worth the 1200 sweet Microsoft nectar for it's sheer uniqueness alone. i thought the narrator would get on my last nerve. but i think the game wouldn't be the same if he wasn't there. Amazing soundtrack and graphics i thought were good.

People are saying that its easy to fall off and stuff and that makes the game "sucky" but i personally think they are noobin' it.

I'd give it a 8 - 9 outta 10.
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