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Anyone know how to do the last 2 challenges? Only ones I have left. I know how to the second to last but don't know the timing to use etc.

Sacrifice - Take the sand from the first island and build a bridge over to the open ground and put a village there. Then use the remaining sand to build a bridge to the power. This is easiest to do by using the close up directly overhead view.

Figured out how to do page 5. Wagon Of Fire - Wait for the flames to get near the first set of water trees and activate jellify. Once the flames have moved past them deactivate jellify. Then when the next set of flames come activate jellify whe they get near the first piece of water and carve a path for them to burn across. As soon as they are across deactivate Jellify. Then wait for the flames to get near the top of the little hill near the next set of water plants and activate jellify. Then quickly carve a path through the next piece of water.

Again as soon as the flames are across deactivate jellify. Use water to control the flames so that they hit the explosive trees but don't let them burn too much. Then your guy should grab the power and start returning. However to stop the volcano and flames destroying the village you need to put a U around the side of the base facing the volcano made out of jellified water.

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