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For the last one I set them off to make the village while I'm building up the ground under the second village and the shaman are carrying the kites to the second village. The village should be set up and the shaman set off just as the second village starts falling under the water music and with some earth you can help make a path for them towards the last village.

Timing is really tight on this as I thought I'd failed at first but realised the shaman had made it just before the land slipped again. They literally had the water lapping at their feet.

I just managed Sacrifice as well with the shaman reaching the village about 2 seconds before the wave started.

Some things I found helped:

Set them to the village before building a path.

Take 2 lots of earth from the back of the first village, the statue can sink as long as 3 or 4 huts remain in a half moon.

Don't set a shaman till the first village has been destroyed, the shaman then leaves from the second village saving time, you want them walking to the stone while you build the path.

Destroy the first path to build the second.

Hold down LT when scooping up earth as it digs down under the water getting you more earth than if you don't, as you can't dig earth with even a tiny amount of water over it.

Build fast and accurate, the shaman should reach the island with about 35 seconds left on the clock and just after you finish the path.

You can suck up earth from the second village, not much but it can tip the scales.
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