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Originally Posted by Loopstahblue View Post
For the last one I set them off to make the village while I'm building up the ground under the second village and the shaman are carrying the kites to the second village. The village should be set up and the shaman set off just as the second village starts falling under the water music and with some earth you can help make a path for them towards the last village.

Timing is really tight on this as I thought I'd failed at first but realised the shaman had made it just before the land slipped again. They literally had the water lapping at their feet.
This does work but the timing for shamans is VERY tight.

I can manage to get all 3 villages built and safe in my own way. Village 1 gets both lava and water repel, village 2 only manages to get water repel but village 3 gets nothing though it is high enough to survive, even with the Tsunami.

Do you need both repels on each village to win though?

EDIT: Managed to get the 2nd village with both repels, but then i had to spend ages rebuilding the land on the 3rd village, blocking off the lava and raising the second village with Infinite Earth managed to do all that and while i was having people create the 3rd village again, suddenly it says i failed! All that time and i thought i was in the clear, what the f*cks up with that?

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