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Dead Ball Expert - Rant

This has to be one of the most frustrating achievements I ever came across...

So, there a few requirements. This has to be done on Single Player, so you cant boost. I'm ok with that.

You have to play AT LEAST on Professional Difficulty, or else, you wont be fouled. I'm ok with that.

You can't change sides. Alright, so you can't boost this achievement.

It has to be CLEAN SHOTS. Meaning, no off the woodwork, not from a deflection. Not ok with that, but fuck it. I can deal with it.

The frustrating bit happens when you find out that the achievement is glitched. Yup, met all of the requirements described above, and still no achievement. 6 clean shots, 1 off the woodwork. Finished all matches and went to the main screen so it would save. Nothing.

On top of everything, its so fucking hard to get a free kick. To score it, its easy, but to actually get the chance to shoot the freekick, not so much. Even if you set all of the other teams agression to 99, rarely they will tackle you, and when they do, 50% of the time the referee wont call the foul. Oh, and, just by running next to your rival, the referee will call the foul AGAINST YOU.

What the hell??
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