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Lucky 13 - 10
Capture 13 enemies, one at a time, with 13 sequential vortexes.

The second hardest achievement in the game. For some it might be the hardest but with a little patience and planning it will be a snap. Play on Easy mode to start with. To get this achievement you have to place 13 vortex in a row with each one capturing ONE enemy each. If they capture 0 enemies you have to start your count over and if they capture more than one you have to start over. The easiest way to do this is, again, wait for the white rats or golden beetles to follow you. Create a SMALL vortex and lure ONE into it. A small vortex helps because you can easily guide one enemy into it and also it helps when you defeat the least of a certain type of enemy and the next wave spawns in you have less ground covered by a vortex and, therefore, less of a chance of accidentally capturing an enemy from the next wave that spawns in by your vortex. It took me a few tries on Easy mode but you will get it. Patience!

Main Street Millionaire - 25
Score 5,000,000 or more points on Normal difficulty.

Just like the other two difficulty related achievements just have patience and this will come naturally. Should take about 20-30 minutes to get this one.

Number 6 - 5
Create 6 simultaneous vortexes.

This could be your first achievement if you wanted it to be. Play Easy mode and just make small circles through the entire floor of the room you are in. Do it quickly and this should pop as soon as your sixth vortex is created.

Omnivore - 25
Capture 5 or more different enemy types in a single vortex.

I got this on Hard mode about 10-12 rooms into it. If you are doing my method of creating one large room sized vortex then you will eventually capture 5 different enemies types on Hard Mode. This will pop as soon as the 5th enemy type is captured in your single vortex.

Spiritus - 15
Survive an entire level without a single death.

Best done on Easy mode; you have to make it through each room, including the final door-less room, and be teleported back to the first room without dying. I can't remember the exact amount but I think it is 18-20 rooms before you reach the final room. Beat that room and "Level 2" will pop up on the screen and you will be back in the first room. The achievement will pop at this time as well if you did not lose a life. Not very hard just be careful and use proper timing. Also be careful of spawning enemies while moving to safety.

Trick: Any time you die, hit the Windows button to back out. When you launch the game and continue, you will start at that room without the death counting. This makes this possible even on Hard mode.

Synchronicity - 10
Capture 3 or more enemies in each of 3 simultaneous vortexes.

A challenging achievement but with enough enemies and a little planning it's a breeze. The goal is to create 3 separate vortex simultaneously and have each vortex capture at least 3 enemies. So a total of 9 enemies at least have to be captured with at least 3 in each vortex. Just wait until there are enough enemies on the screen to attempt this and quickly create 3 vortex to capture them. If you make each vortex big enough and cover enough of the room you should be able to nab this achievement.

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