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Originally Posted by tenjounokaze View Post
I just unlocked City of the Angels as the final achievement possible as of today (not including Reefer and Nicholson cases), and I have to say, while I still feel a sense of accomplishment, I feel like it wasn't as enjoyable as the Redeemed achievement from Red Dead Redemption, and therefore wasn't as satisfying. I thought the cars thing and the film reels quest were just tedious and more time-consuming than enjoyable gameplay.

Anyone else share my feeling of disappointment in a very minor sense?
Somewhat yes and somewhat no. RDR seemed to go on a lot longer since things were so damn spaced out, and several of the things required to get 100% in RDR took quite a while (namely Poker and some of the quests). So yes, I did feel more accomplished when I aced RDR, but I simply enjoyed the experience of Noire a bit more.
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