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1) Once you exit your room, go down the stairs, and follow the waypoint to Jesus. You will go around the parking lot car barrier and straight through to the other part of the motel. Walk up the right side of the motel and it's the fourth room (There will luggage cart before it).

2) Secret Agenda: After picking up the first item, walk up the left side of the motel and it's on the floor of the second to last room.

3) Proceed through the first house in the contruction yard. Kill all the enemies, right before you enter the second house turn right, and it's on a pile of lumber.

4) Inside the second house, walk up the left side and enter that room. It's on a pile of lumber.

5) After breaching the doors, turn left and the item on the left on top a generator.

6) Enter the next house and proceed right. Go into the next room and turn right. Shoot down the planks in the doorway and the item is on some bags.

7) Need to Find.


1) After going down the hill and making your way onto the dirt road, there will be two vehicles on the left. The item is between them on the ground.

2) After the driving sequence. The item is behind the blue van that is behind the trailer.


1) As you enter the compound, the item is under the water tower.

2) After you perform the cover sequence, do not enter the house. Just kill off all the enemies ourside first. The item is halfway up the left side to the house next to a shed on the ground.

3) Go up the stairs of the house and turn left into the bathroom. The item is on the floor.

4) After the tunnel sequence, you enter a room. Open the door and turn right into the next room. The item is on some lumber.

5) After the cover sequence, kill all the enemies. Proceed up the stairs and over where you came in. Open the door and it's right there on the ground.

6) Go down the balcony and make your way to the barn thats in front of you. The item will be in front, on the ground, next to a van.


1) The item will be a ways into the cemetary, to the right of a Virgin Mary statue.

2) Just past item one, you will come to a courtyard with a large Virgin Mary statue at the end. Mendoza runs up some stairs. Almost right in the middle is the item off the right of the main path.

3) Secret Agenda: Plant GPS Bug.Before the cover sequence. There is a Hummer. Plant the bug on it.

4) The item is on the stairs before you enter the church.

5) When you start defending the church, the item is on the floor by the entrance.


1) After the driving sequence there will be a white truck. To the right of that on the ground by a double door.

2) After clearing the next alley. Then go up the stairs to the next area. There will be some guys in front of you, take the stairs to the left, and it will be on the ground.

3) Secret Agenda: Pickup package. Your partners will run ahead when in a long corridor move through the house to the room where its located.

4) When you open the door and enter the market, turn right kill the guys and turn right again (It will be a dead end). The item will be on the ground.

5) After the next market you will have a cover sequence. Afterwards when facing the cars, turn left and the item will be by the dumpster.


1) After going through the building corridors you will come to a balcony. Turn left and it will be on a table.

2) After the first item, you will enter the interior courtyard. Follow around to the right and it's on the table near the couch.

3) After the last item go through the door and to the left. Kill a bunch of guys and follow to the right into the room. Then into the next room and turn right, the item will be on the table.

4) After the last item continue through the corridor and exit it. Follow the small open area and there will be a door on your right (right before the double doors). Enter the door and the item is on the table.

5) Secret Agent: Bug Mendoza's office. After the cover sequence where there are A LOT of enemies, go to the left and up the stairs. Enter the room and it's between the dressers.

6) During the UAV sequence and after you run under the third gazebo look to the right in the little alcoves.

7) When you are inside the garage, follow through and in the back on the right is the item.

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