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Talking Shrinking Violets regenerate health!

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this before. It's not even in the in-game manual.

If you "hold" the shrink sense button, while you are on (or already inside) one of these Shrinking Violets (and your health is not 100%)... keep holding the button, and your health will regenerate!

I only discovered this by accident, as I was battling several enemies... and I was curious if the flower would protect me from attacks, and I noticed my health was regenerating (and I was NOT wearing anything to regenerate health).

I don't know if it will restore complete health, if you are near death (since I haven't been in that state since I discovered this).

This explains what the description of the "Late but Lucky" dress means ("Imbued with the power of Shrinking Violets")!

I hope this is helpful to anyone who hasn't discovered this before.
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