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Proving Ground Tips

I think perhaps this topic should be in it's own thread.

I've seen several tips in various other threads, but why not put them in one place.

The only one I have not finished is The Scrap Yard (Cael Hammer). If anyone knows a sure fire way to defeat this one, I would appreciate any suggestions!

I will say this, it is important to choose the correct upgrade combination. You have 5 upgrades per weapon, but each one has two choices. Be sure to pick a good combination that will help with each particular Proving Ground challenge.

I'll start adding some tips as I proceed through my second game:

Breaker Barracks (Breaker's Bow) - Very Easy. 5 Shots for first prize. Just get a few upgrades to the bow and eliminate 1 row at a time. (Check Morris69's post for a few good tips as well)

Windbag Ranch (War Machete) - A bit of a challenge. Under 90 sec. for 2nd prize, Under 60 sec. for 1st prize. Immediately go to the center and kill as many greenish squirts as possible. Then go around eliminating the rest of the enemies, any remaining greenish squirts last.

Trapper Shingle (Fang Repeater) - Pretty Easy. 48 or more targets for 2nd prize, 64 targets for 1st prize. Just get a few upgrades and this one is straightforward, just don't miss any targets, not much more to say.

Bullhead Court (Bullhead Shield) - Will take some practice. 15 hits or fewer for 2nd prize, 2 hits or fewer for 1st prize. Learn the timing of the enemies' attacks to make it through this one. On the last enemy....either lure him over the edge or face him head on. I would recommend activating Lunkhead Liqueur which gives you 100% counter-damage when blocking.

Zulwood Grove (Scrap Musket) - Pretty Easy. 22 shots or fewer for 2nd prize, 15 shots or fewer for 1st prize. Just upgrade the musket a few times and carefully aim your shots to hit as many gourds as possible. The goal is to try to push them all over the edge. So careful shots and grouping them together is key here.

The Scrap Yard (Cael Hammer) - Challenging! Under 40 sec. for 2nd prize, under 25 sec. for 1st prize. I try a combination of rolling and smashing to try to get as much as possible, also with a maxed out hammer. I would say reference some videos on youtube to get an idea of a strategy.

Slinger Range (Dueling Pistols) - Easy. Score 500 or more for 2nd prize, score 750 or more for 1st prize. First thing to do is activate Werewhiskey (100% critical hit chance when health under 33%). After entering arena, just fall off the edge a couple of times to get your health below 33%. Then pick up the pistols and shoot as fast as possible. I only had 3 upgrades and still managed the score.

Camp Dauncy (Brusher's Pike) - Moderately Difficult. Under 90 sec. for 2nd prize, under 60 sec. for 1st prize. I had a fully upgraded pike and chose the upgrades on the left side (for maximum power). This way it was a one hit kill on the pincushions. I chose to start going left first, then middle switch, then lower right. Next, up to the upper right and then to the far left switch. Finally a dash to the last switch on the top. Timing is crucial and only kill what you need to get by.

Trigger Hill (Army Carbine) - Somewhat Easy. Under 50 sec. for 2nd prize, under 35 sec. for 1st prize. I used a maxed out carbine. Just shoot each target as quickly as possible using a power shot. Shouldn't take more than a couple tries to get this one.

Grady Incinerator (Fire Bellows) - Pretty Easy. 60 peckers or more for 2nd prize, 72 peckers for 1st prize. Only need a couple upgrades on your bellows for this one. Just shoot out a continuous stream of fire in a circle to defeat peckers quickly and move on to the next area. This one should only take a couple of tries.

Boundless Bay (Galleon Mortar) - Very Easy. 60 casualties or more for 2nd prize, 80 casualties or more for 1st prize. I did this with only a couple of upgrades on the weapon and again with full upgrades and results the same. You can easily destroy the required number of squirts with well aimed shots in the middle of the cluster.

Mancer Observatory (Calamity Cannon) - Pretty Easy. 4 or more conductors for 2nd prize, all 7 conductors for 1st prize. Just max out the cannons upgrades, the last one being that rockets seek out foes. Stand on the edge of the platform and just continually fire away. Should be able to clear this one easily. (Thanks to Captain K for the tip).

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