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Originally Posted by Bullitt Bill View Post
Hey Zeralith, just wanted to say the guide's looking really good so far. Nicely done! I'll be downloading this when I get home. Just one question regarding the 'Explorer' achievement, can you replay levels to uncover parts of the map you missed or do you have to uncover it all as you play through?
Hey Bullitt, this is my very first guide, so thanks!

After you've finished the game, if you didn't happen to get Fully Loaded, Explorer, and/or Archaeologist, you can do so after the end credits. If you continue the campaign after finishing it, the game will just start you back at the check-point right before the final boss. Puzzles in the game will stay solved and all bosses will stay defeated, so itís not like this is a second playthrough or anything. You can revisit all areas in the game and you can't miss anything.
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