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Originally Posted by GaTechGrad View Post
Sleepless Nights (Normal Cheater)

I messed up and replied to Katherine's last message on the 7th day, which I believe is an automatic bump towards good/blue no matter what you choose as your response.
Hurray, a fellow cheater!

Originally Posted by BloodGodAlucard View Post
I got the True Lover ending first. I wanted to get it out of the way since I'm really not that interested in Katherine. Catherine is definitely the one I want. I'm doing a run right now for the True Cheater ending. I've heard it's amazing. My friend got all of the endings and said that was by far his favorite one. That makes me really excited to see it.
Yeah, I really enjoyed the True Cheater ending because of its random hilarity. The difference between the Normal Cheater and True Cheater is just one additional cutscene and that one is the funniest :3.

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