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I wish I could say the same as you guys. I love modern FPS shooters (aka BF and CoD), but for some reason, I just have never enjoyed BF's MP as much as I have CoD's. I am not a fanboy of either series, it may be the class system. I really enjoy the customization that CoD offers over BF.

I feel as if BF's MP has more camping than CoD (which I cant comprehend how that may be possible). Almost every game I went in to on BF BC 2 majority of people were just using sniper rifles; my team and the other team. Also, I am not a fan of 30+ minute matches. I just like to play my 10 minute or less TDM or the occasional CTF.

From a realism perspective, BF owns CoD in that aspect.

Also, the majority of my friends in reality and on XBL prefer CoD over BF.
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