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Originally Posted by Purple Hooter View Post
I wish I could say the same as you guys. I love modern FPS shooters (aka BF and CoD), but for some reason, I just have never enjoyed BF's MP as much as I have CoD's. I am not a fanboy of either series, it may be the class system. I really enjoy the customization that CoD offers over BF.

I feel as if BF's MP has more camping than CoD (which I cant comprehend how that may be possible). Almost every game I went in to on BF BC 2 majority of people were just using sniper rifles; my team and the other team. Also, I am not a fan of 30+ minute matches. I just like to play my 10 minute or less TDM or the occasional CTF.

From a realism perspective, BF owns CoD in that aspect.

Also, the majority of my friends in reality and on XBL prefer CoD over BF.

i do know what you mean. all of my friends play call of duty (95% of my friends list is people i know in real life) and they bitch at me when i dont play cod with them haha.. and regarding the camping concept, i do agree there are some people that just post up and never move, but battlefield doesnt allow you to just run down the middle of the street like cod, geting shot from all over the place and somehow living while taking a couple of them out. i cant stand shooting at someone and yet somehow they are able to knife me and kill me.. that is honestly so irritating. in battlefield its almost as tho you are required to post up, to check the buildings or areas surrounding your objective... or you will get owned lol

i will say this about battlefield tho, im not a huge fan of geting sniped with a shotgun... lol thats pretty annoying not going to lie
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