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Modders - Not The End of WaW

Recently, I began playing WaW again, along with my friend, after a discussion where we both agreed it has been our favourite of the franchise (neither of us much enjoying the Modern Warfare games).

What we found was disheartening, every game occupied with atleast one "modder" ruining the game for us who wanted to play fairly, in which I'm sure we aren't alone.

In order to overcome the problem we moved to private matches, inviting those we had recently played with and kicking modders. It was slow and the impatient left, leaving us with small games. Now, we decided the only way of speeding this up would be to find the people who desire to play the game free from corruption, like us.

So, I'm here to ask who would be interesting in joining up with us and playing some mod free private matches. Game rules negotiable at the time.

P.S. We're in the UK so will be playing at reasonable times according to GMT.

P.S.S. Apologies if that was long, or at any point incoherent. It's getting late.
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