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Just got this today with a buddy of mine, was the last gold we got and ended at 82%, so it was a close shave. We were struggling playing a defensive game most of the time, so instead we shifted to a more offensive approach, trying to clean mobs up as they spawned and hoping turrets at the base would take care of any that slinked by. Really, the major thing you NEED to have are 2-3 (or even 4) Flak Turrets on each side of the base to take care of aerials, because they can take it down fast as hell. Other than that, knowing who spawns when and where is a big help, and of course divide and conquer. I used 3 machine guns / 3 shotguns and Flak Turret / Slow down thing (can't remember the name), and my friend used 3 machine guns / Mr. Pancakes and Flak Turret / MG Turret. Again, it's really all about memorization...took us about 8 tries before we finally nailed it. Good luck!
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