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Originally Posted by silentdeath187 View Post
i really enjoyed the game. way better than godfather. only wish there was more side missions to do
I enjoyed the Godfather also, mainly because of the huge amount of side missions and ease of going into freeplay. But this game had a much better story IMO.

Originally Posted by Ellerkermike371 View Post
Why is wise to start the game on hard difficulty?
If you want to get all the achivements in one playthru, then you can do so by beating it on hard first. I played it on easy first though, mainly because I wanted to enjoy the game and the story before enjoying a challenge.

Great game indeed. I truly enjoyed it. It was my first rent from Gamefly. It's been on my radar since it came out, but I never wanted to buy it because its so short. I loved driving around a lot even though others may find it mundane. I loved the story and missions. Just a great, fun, simple game that is quite enjoyable.
If you beat it on hard first, then it is pretty short. But if you go hard->easy, then it's a decent length. But throw all 3 DLC's into the mix, and it is actually quite the lengthy game.

Although I seem to recall the cops being far more observant in Mafia 1. I've gone through countless red lights etc. in Mafia 2 and only Joe seems to notice!
LOL, yeah they never go after you for that. Heck, you can even speed and they wont pull you over unless you go 10 over the limit. Or get to 20mph over, jam on the brakes, then speed, jam on the brakes, etc and they wont pull you over either.
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